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Specialties: What is reiki? Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses universal life energy to help a client regain harmony and wholeness. Reiki addresses the whole person in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Crystal Reiki is not the same as traditional Usui Reiki. Crystal reiki uses its own system of techniques and symbols along with the healing properties of crystals. With the help of crystals, crystal reiki healing helps realign electromagnetic frequencies. Energetic imbalances can manifest as physical and emotional issues. Crystal reiki can help remove emotional and energetic blocks and promote natural healing within the body. What to expect? During a distance reiki session, it's best to relax and be open with the intention to receive the energy. You may experience tingling, warmth, or relaxing sensations. Every client is different and may experience different things. I prefer setting a specific time so you can be fully present to the healing.


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