Gulluoglu Palace Roll Walnut Baklava, Approx. 18 pieces (1.1 lbs - 500 gr)



FRESH PRODUCTION - Our product is packed right after cooking and shipped to you. Delivered to your door no later than 2 days from the Turkey to USA. In this way, the freshness of the product does not deteriorate and you can eat it crispy. TURKISH TRADITIONAL BAKLAVA - Plenty of walnut or pistachio in the center of the consecrated wafer has been opened in the event of a roll the dough roll, sliced very thinly. Palace Roll prepared by peppering walnuts or pistachio over three-layer phyllo. It is rounded to gain shape and then cut. Inside it are plenty of walnuts or pistachios and its top is decorated with powdered pistachio kernel. BAKLAVACI GÜLLÜOĞLU, THE FIRST BRAND THAT COMES TO MIND WHEN SAY "BAKLAVA" - Our walnut roll baklava made in Kağıthane by our Gaziantep masters; It becomes a legendary baklava with dense walnut, butter and warm sherbet sprinkled on thin dough. WORLD'S LARGEST BAKLAVA PRODUCTION FACILITY - Continues its activities in the "biggest baklava production facility in the world" with a 7,000 m2 closed area established in 2001 in Kağıthane Istanbul. IT IS MORE DELICIOUS WITH THIN DOUGH - The thin opening of the dough and the spread of the walnut or pistachio homogeneously increases the taste of the baklava.


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